‘Snowpiercer’ Director Finds Follow-up To Netflix’s ‘Okja’

The beloved director behind Snowpiercer, The Host, and Memories Of Murder appears to be moving closer to beginning production on his new film. According to AsianWiki, Bong Joon-ho has already attached actor Song Kang-ho (who stars in the aforementioned three films) to a film titled Parasite. All that is known about the project thus far is that it is “about a family going through a disturbance”, which seems to fit his wheelhouse.

The cinema of South Korea has been a huge focus of mine for the past two years or so, and Bong Joon-ho is my favorite South Korean director. He juggles tone so masterfully that the shifts are hardly even noticed. The Host is a monster movie, a heist, a family drama, and a black comedy, but the lines within are so seamless that it flows from one to the other without calling attention to itself.

Memories Of Murder is a masterpiece as well, melding more dark comedic tones with a gritty detective story. His English-language debut, Snowpiercer, landed in my Top 10 of 2014, and had arguably my favorite performance of the year, being Tilda Swinton’s role. While I don’t love his debut, Barking Dogs Never Bite, and I think that his film Mother doesn’t flow as smoothly as his others, I anxiously await whatever film Bong Joon-ho has coming down the pipe.

Joon-ho is about to have his film, Okja, debut on Netflix on June 28. This film will feature Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins, Paul Dano, and Steven Yeun. The story is about a young South Korean girl defending her pet monster from a powerful corporation that wants to take it.

Song Kang-ho, outside of his collaborations with Joon-ho, is known for Joint Security Area, Secret Sunshine, and The Good, The Bad, The Weird. He also starred in South Korea’s Foreign Language nominee from 2016, The Age Of Shadows.

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