“The Snowman”- Trailer Review

What’s that? Michael Fassbender is going to be in a movie? I don’t know about you, but I don’t even need the trailer, my ticket has already been purchased.

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that the director of this new film is Tomas Alfredson? The very same main who directed Let The Right One In and Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy? Well it’s not like I can buy the ticket harder than I already did, so I don’t know what you’re getting at here.

Let’s give it a look.

IMDb describes the plot as: “Detective Harry Hole investigates the disappearance of a woman whose pink scarf is found wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman.”

Don’t laugh at the fact that his name is Harry Hole. That’s the way it was in the original Jo Nesbo novel of the same name that the film came from.

Like I said, Fassbender and Alfredson are enough to get me to a theater individually, but when you put them together AND add Rebecca Ferguson and J.K. Simmons, it’s almost too enticing on paper. Plus, who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

The film is set to be released on October 20, 2017.

How interested are you in The Snowman? Does this trailer do anything to sell the movie for you? Let us know how you’re feeling about this film!

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