Movie Power Rankings: April 24th, 2017


This is a scheduled breaking news alert because the power rankings are back!

I’m not going to ramble on this week, so let’s jump right into the list.

Voting Committee: Taylor Chambers, Dylan Clauson, Julie Frederick, Zachary Liles, Nick Potter, Patty Williamson

  1. Get Out (0)
  2. The Discovery (0)
  3. Logan (+1)
  4. Your Name (-1)
  5. Burning Sands (+1)
  6. Sand Castle (NEW)
  7. T2 Trainspotting (-2)
  8. The Zookeeper’s Wife (-1)
  9. Life (0)
  10. F8 of the Furious (NEW)

Dropped out: John Wick Chapter 2, Beauty and the Beast


Overall not too much has changed in the rankings this week. Get Out and The Discovery remain in the top two spots for the third week in a row. Coming up just below the top-2 are Logan and Your Name which traded places from last week. Joining the list this week are new releases Sand Castle and The F8 of the Furious.

Are we missing any of the best 2017 films on our list this week? Probably.

Let us know how bad we did in the comments or on twitter @The_Filmsmiths

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