All The Money In The World: Trailer Review


The very last class I took in college was a director study on Ridley Scott, and he made two of my favorite films of all time in Alien and Blade Runner. Because of these facts, I feel a little closer to Scott than I’m sure most people do, and I’ll always be excited about a new release (that is until it turns out to be Exodus: Gods And Kings).

Now, as you may be aware, I’ve already talked about Ridley Scott this year, as he had a film come out already. I honestly had no idea whatsoever about him releasing two films in 2017. It wouldn’t be the first time that two films lined up this way for Scott, Black Hawk Down and Hannibal were both released in 2001, but I expected to have heard about it earlier than just now.

Let’s all find out together with this trailer for All The Money In The World.

First things’s first, the plot. The brief synopsis according to Wikipedia: The plot of the film involves the biographical account from the early 1970s of the sustained refusal of J. Paul Getty to cooperate with the extortion demands of a group of kidnappers, from the organized crime group ‘Ndrangheta, who had abducted and mutilated his grandson John Paul Getty III.

This is already a fascinating story that I know nothing about, which is always a good path to follow in film.

When your lead is Michelle Williams, you’re off to a magnificent start. Mark Wahlberg certainly has the capability of being good when he’s in films that are good as well, so here’s hoping for that. The key detail about this trailer is the unrecognizable Kevin Spacey role. Perhaps he’s going head to head with Gary Oldman in terms of heavy old-age makeup. Spacey is a terrific actor, and I’m always excited about seeing him back on screen.

Here’s the wild thing. Ridley Scott only signed on to the film on March 13 of this year. Williams and Spacey were circling their roles by the end of March. Principal photography began on May 31, which is insane considering Alien: Covenant was only released on May 19. That is a ridiculous turnaround for post-production.

All The Money In The World is set to be released on December 8.

What are your thoughts on this trailer? Could this film live up to Ridley Scott’s other great films? Let us know if you’ll be in the theater this December down below!

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