Mae Young Classic: Week 2, Episode 6 Recap


The first week of the Mae Young Classic had some really high quality wrestling. While it’s too early to judge just yet, I’ve got a very good feeling that this second week is going to step up the game, and I’m incredibly excited by that.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?



Toni Storm v. Lacey Evans

The match begins with both women evenly matched, but the former Marine is finally able to exert her strength and take control for a bit. Storm gets back in it with her standing hip attacks, but gets caught showboating and can’t finish the routine. Lacey Evans gets up goes to the apron to sweep Storm’s legs from under her, then uses the ropes to drop an elbow on her. Her advantage doesn’t last long as she gets caught up in the ropes and receives a double knee backbreaker from Storm.

Storm continues on her roll by hitting a running hip attack in the corner. It doesn’t keep Lacey down though, and she responds with a big swinging neckbreaker. Both women fight their way back up, but Storm is able to pick Lacey up in order to hit the Strong Zero neckbreaker for the win.

Toni Storm advances to the quarterfinals to meet Piper Niven.



Mia Yim v. Shayna Baszler

Ronda Rousey & Co. are in the same spot as last time, but across the ramp from them are Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Bayley, 3 of the NXT incarnation of the Four Horsewoman. I wonder where Sasha is…

Mia and Shayna trade a lot of kicks early on, but Mia sells a LOT more. She then catches Shayna by surprise with a leaping hurricanrana. The former MMA star leaves the ring to collect herself, but Mia hits her with a suicide dive. They both get back into the ring, but Shayna regains her momentum. It’s almost scary how deliberate she is with her moves, like a horror movie villain slowly walking after their victim. She hits two big gutwrench suplexes, but Mia responds with a Tarantula in the ropes and a cannonball in the corner. She goes for the roll-up but Shayna is able to reverse it into a grounded ankle lock. In order to break out, Mia lands several hard kicks to the head of Baszler.

Mia waits for her opponent to get up and hits her with a bridging German suplex but can’t keep her down. Mia catches one of Shayna’s kicks and lifts her up for a powerbomb, which also doesn’t do the job. Out of options, Mia goes to the top rope for a 450 splash, but lands right in Shayna’s submission and has to tap out.

Shayna Baszler advances to the quarterfinals.



Rhea Ripley v. Dakota Kai

During the entrance, we learn that Rhea Ripley is not yet 21 years old. While that wouldn’t be an issue in her native Australia, she wouldn’t be able to go buy a beer after her match in America, which is a zany thought. Dakota Kai goes straight for Izzy in her entrance, which is no coincidence considering I compared her to Bayley already.

Rhea’s height gives her the advantage and the crowd is behind her. She puts Kai in a wristlock and takes time to join the crowd in some Ozzie chants. Dakota gets some breathing room and lands two arm drags and dropkick. She then tries to throw Rhea over the top rope, but Rhea lands on her feet and simply stands. Dakota then goes to the apron to try kick her opponent, but Rhea catches her and throws her face first into the apron.

Back in the ring, Rhea sets up for a full nelson but Dakota is able to sneak away and hit an enzuigiri. Several more kicks are blocked before Kai hits a dropkick that knocks Rhea down to the bottom turnbuckle. Kai uses this time to run around and deliver her almost Helluva kick. Rhea is able to get up and hit a Northern Lights suplex, but doesn’t have the energy to capitalize on it. She sets Dakota on the top rope, but is in turn knocked into the tree of woe. Dakota ends the match with her top rope double stomp.

Dakota Kai advances to the quarterfinals to face Kairi Sane.



Candice LeRae v. Nicole Savoy

As Candice extends her hand for the handshake, Savoy kicks it away. That’s good, easy, and effective heat.

Nicole Savoy naturally has the early advantage due to her strength and fighting background. It takes a little while before Candice has any room, but she breaks away with a tornado DDT. It doesn’t keep Savoy down for long though, as she gets up and hits a hard side suplex. The two women trade submissions for a bit, but Candice yet again breaks away first and hits a codebreaker. She goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Savoy sweeps her leg out from underneath her.

Savoy hits two big suplexes without letting go and jumps straight into an armbar that doesn’t lock all the way in. Candice is able to lock in a Black Widow submission, but Savoy just throws her into the corner. She sets Candice up top, but the favorite is able to turn it into her elevated swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Candice LeRae advances to the quarterfinals to face Shayna Baszler.



The second round of the Mae Young Classic has wrapped up. Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the quarterfinals, which should be exciting! Stay tuned!

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