Justice League Trailer Review

Let’s get this out of the way right now. Yes, since I am officially writing for a film website, I am being paid by Marvel to hate DC films. That is absolutely true.

Now that we’re done being silly, its Justice League time. This is the first major trailer for the upcoming DC team-up movie which is about five years late to the party. Zack Snyder is still directing, so that’s a groan. I’m not here to claim that the previous three films (Man Of Steel, BvS: Dawn Of Justice, Suicide Squad) are objectively irredeemable or anything of the sort. They’re certainly messy, but if they work for you in the end, I’m glad. Ideally, every movie would be good for everyone, but these just haven’t worked for me. Each new film could possibly turn things around though. This trailer did not accomplish that.

I’m still not convinced we know anything about the plot beyond the fact that these five heroes need to team up for some reason, which I guess is all we really need to know. This trailer is just a jumbled mess. Yeah, the action looks like it’ll be pretty decent, and I know a lot of trailers have messy CG because it isn’t completed yet, but Cyborg’s most-of-him looked like it was taken from a PlayStation 2 cutscene. The trailer inexplicably featured “The Hardest Button To Button” by The White Stripes in addition to a weird heavy cover of “Come Together”, neither of which matched the tone that the visuals set.

Speaking of not matching tone, the dialogue is even further away from everything we see. Ezra Miller seems to be doing his normal awkward-yet-quippy routine, which I’m normally fond of. I really enjoyed his role in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, but it doesn’t make sense in the context of this trailer yet. When he asks Affleck’s Batman about his superpower to response of “I’m rich”, it feels like blunt fanservice to the jokes people have made forever. I have no problems with the Jason Momoa incarnation of Aquaman looking like a total badass, but then his “Dressed like a bat? I can dig it” line is a swing and a miss.

Deep down, I’d still like for this film to succeed, despite all of the Marvel paychecks I’m cashing. I gain nothing from this film failing. I just don’t have a lot of outward hope for it, because I’m not willing to be burned by this franchise again.



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Hey Nick! Great article, hate your conclusion despite it being pretty generous. I loved BvS for its Operatic tone. It elevated a story about gods to greater then Saturday morning fair, which is where I feel most Marvels amazing content lies. Zack Snyder’s style I think is perfectly suited for the comic genre. I loved his almost panel for panel adaptation of both Watchmen and 300. Few others do that and he made them both work in my opinion. I’m not particularly excited for this movie. Its destined to be an overstuffed Chipotle burrito of a film and will probably… Read more »