Julie Rants: ‘Just Friends’

Ryan Reynolds. Silly, sexy and hefty. Just Friends is at heart a less morbid version of Deadpool with revenge on being placed in the “friend zone.”

For those who have never heard or seen this film, shame on you! (JK, it is always on Netflix, just set aside sometime to watch it). I considered this piece of work to be a classic comedy Christmas movie. It takes place during the holiday season and you can mistake Ryan Reynolds as Kris Kringle…(Theory: Reynolds’ character’s name is Chris…interesting).

The film starts off with a 12-pound-face and fat body suit Ryan Reynolds, by the name of Chris Brander, singing “I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery. Chris has the biggest crush with his best friend, Jamie Palamino, played by the beautiful Amy Smart.

After his written words of love to Jamie was accidently reveled to the whole gradated high-school class, Jamie rejected Chris and he fled off to California were he turned into a savaged womanizer. Chris becomes this gorgeous music manager in L.A. and runs into a problem when the private jet’s microwave catches on fire and is forced to land in his homeland, New Jersey. Chris is obligated to visit his hometown, which he hasn’t been to in 10 years, while watching over crazy “bubble-gum pop sensation”, Samantha James, played by Anna Faris.

While visiting family and encountering old friends and high school classmates, Chris runs into Jamie for the first time in 10 years at the local bar. Chris is now reconnecting back with Jamie with redemption and determination of not falling back into the friend zone.

Personally, all the scenes in this film are great because it is farce comedy (basically guaranteed to make you laugh and cry). Ryan Reynolds and Anna Ferris play extraordinarily extreme characters; even the little brother and Mom are great comedian sidekicks throughout the movie, which are also my favorite characters in this film. Definitely a must see during the holidays or a Netflix and chill day with your best friend 😉

Julie Frederick

Secretly a curly-headed-&*!@ who enjoys listening to the music of Hawaii. Hates ketchup and loves Kermit the frog. Degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts with three irrelevant minors from Central Michigan University. Please forgive Julie's rants, she has high standards.

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