Julie Rants: ‘A Ghost Story’ trailer review

So far, a very misleading title. I was expecting a spiritual, paranormal activity type film , or at least some horror scenes that will make you jump. BUT NO. Someone is dressed under a white bed sheet with two holes for eyes or as I call it, the late Halloween costume idea for lazy people. Imagine what the casting calls were like for the House Ghost role…*Malachi Pearson walks in*
Not sure how to pick this trailer apart, but Casey Affleck is in it, which I guess is cool…I am assuming he dies at some point due to a quick reveal of a dead body.

Maybe he is the ghost? Casey Affleck is the ghost!? Didn’t we just give him a “best actor” award a month ago??
Side note: Do not look at the YouTube comments, lots of racist stuff.

Anyways, the one thing I can agree on is that the CGI is equivalent to Casper the Friendly Ghost. Okay, that was harsh, but if it entails a well-written story line to tell then I will consider watching it. I am also hoping this film does not make me cry either (the music is very moving as well in the trailer, thumbs up for great music).

Julie Frederick

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