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Since the day we first heard the news that Stephen King’s classic horror story was being remade the internet has been throwing a fit over it. I mean, do we really need a remake? The original 1990 TV mini-series was as terrifying as it was corny and singlehandedly kept in business (yes it’s a real thing). Also let’s not forget Tim Curry’s performance as the child-murderer/buoyancy expert Pennywise the Clown. From day one, fans made it clear: We don’t want a new IT!

But here’s the thing, the new IT looks really freaking good.

Yesterday we got our first look at the new Pennywise in action when the teaser trailer dropped. This newer, somehow darker IT sees Bill Skarsgård (seriously how many Skarsgårds are there?) don the ginger wig and oversized shoes of Pennywise, a supernatural being with a penchant for killing that often takes the form of a clown. We don’t see a clear image of Pennywise in the trailer, and that’s a good thing.

We start out following a young boy named Georgie as he plays in the rain with a paper boat his brother made for him. Georgie is a cute and very sweet kid which of course means he’s the first to go, and then come back to scare the shit out of you later in the trailer. After Georgie gives himself a concussion we get introduced to the rest of the gang while a voiceover tells us about Derry’s abnormally high kids-disappearing-but-no-one-caring statistics. This instantly sets the stage for the movie: we have kids disappearing and a clown that lives in the sewer. Spoiler: those things might be connected.



For me, this new IT trailer is an example of how good horror movie teasers should be done: it quickly sets the tone, never gives a clear image of the monster, and doesn’t show the final shot of the freaking movie.

IT looks like it’s going to have beautifully creepy cinematography paired with some talented young actors including Stranger Things star and ‘Kid Whose Name Sounds Made-Up 2016’ contest winner Finn Wolfhard. This trailer has completely sold me on this new version of the Stephen King classic, and I will absolutely be there opening weekend to find out first hand if Pennywise is actually a shape-shifting demon from another realm or just Harry the Hypnotist in disguise.

Check out the trailer below and let me know your thoughts, and then head to the theater on September 8th. Just be sure to wear your brown pants.


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