Hello world!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back.

After an extended hiatus your best friends The Filmsmiths have returned, this time in the form of a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. That’s right, the snarky yet insightful movie podcast that you all knew and loved is now a FULLY BLOWN WEBSITE.

So what is our plan? Well I’ll tell you:

All of us in The Filmsmiths crew want to bring you the most comprehensive, insightful, and entertaining content relating to the magical world of movies. We will be posting articles, videos, reviews, opinion pieces, and even the occasional podcast about anything and everything you can imagine that is related to movies.

We are just getting this site off the ground, but in the coming weeks we will refine the look and functionality of this site until it becomes your one-stop shop for all of that sweet, sweet movie #content that you crave.

Thank you for joining and supporting us as we jump into this new frontier.

With love,

The Filmsmiths Crew

Zachary Liles

Filmsmiths co-founder and certified moron. Interests include putting nonsense on the internet and Wendy's chili. Degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and Cinema Studies from Central Michigan University.

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Brandy Keippal

So excited for this!

Janet Barnfather

Congratulations. Great step forward.