The best thing you’re not watching is on YouTube

We live in dark times. Very dark times.

I wake up every morning to a news alert that scares the hell out of me. I have high blood pressure. My closest friend for the last six months has been my boss’s dog that she brings into work most days. Things, objectively speaking, are bad.

So how on earth have I kept myself going through all of this? What has been the driving force keeping my entire existence from crashing in on itself?

Binging. With. Babish.

If you’re not familiar with this particular YouTube series, then you need to get off your duff and get hip to it because it’s wonderful.

The premise is simple. It’s just one man in his kitchen recreating famous dishes from movies and television. Not convinced? Fine, then check these out…

The Cubano sandwich from Chef
The famous “moist maker” (gross) from Friends
Ratatouille from…well you know
Goodfellas ‘prison sauce’ Why was I watching this guy make prison sauce in incognito mode? Because it’s fucking pornographic, that’s why
Strudel (with cream!) from Inglorious Basterds

These photos will do more to convince you than any words I could say, but let me keep talking anyway just in case.

Binging with Babish works as a concept because it is fun and novel. It’s neat to see your favorite movie foods being created in real life. But this show does so much more than simply ‘work’. It shines.

From start to finish, each video just oozes charm. The “theme music” is a short sampling of the theme from Frasier, and now every time I hear Kelsey Grammer yell-sing “hey baby I hear the blues a-callin” I can’t help but salivate.

The creator of these videos is Andrew Rea, a filmmaker whose talents in proper filmmaking carry over surprisingly well to what is a basically a niche short-form cooking show.

Rea tackles each new dish with an understated yet charming  sense of humor. It is his commitment to authenticity that truly is what makes Binging with Babish shine though.

Occasionally to the detriment of the final product, Rea will take as many unnecessary steps as it takes to make a dish as true to the original source as possible. When he made prison sauce from Goodfellas he chopped the garlic with a razor blade. When he made the Cubano from chef, he bought an auténtico plancha para sandwich Cubano. And when he made Kevin’s famous chili from The Office, yes that’s right, he ate it off the carpet.

Binging with Babish is a delightful mix of fun absurdity and genuine cleverness and beauty. These are phrases you don’t typically associate with a YouTube series. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some YouTube nonsense, but it’s important to recognize when a content creator is just blowing all the competition out of the water as is the case with Rea and Binging with Babish.

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part of all: EVERY VIDEO IS SHOT IN 4K
What’s that? You think it’s unnecessary and pointless to upload 4K video when it’s just some guy in his kitchen cooking food? Well you can go to hell because it’s perfect and I need it.

I’m not naïve. We still live in dark times. I still have high blood pressure and my closest friend is still a dog that I don’t own. But I think from time to time we all need a small break in our day. Why not checkout for 5 minutes with some genuinely great content created by someone who is actually talented? Next time you need a few minutes of ‘you time’, don’t watch obnoxious cat videos, or scroll through social media. Instead reach for Binging with Babish. It’s a charming YouTube cooking show shot in fucking 4K, why aren’t you watching it already?

Watch his channel trailer below and then begin a binging session of your own with his videos.

Zachary Liles

Filmsmiths co-founder and certified moron. Interests include putting nonsense on the internet and Wendy's chili. Degree in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts and Cinema Studies from Central Michigan University.

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