“War For The Planet Of The Apes”: Trailer Review

Apes. On. Horses. With. Guns.

I’m Babe Ruth-style calling my shot, Best Picture 2k17?

In all seriousness, the previous two Apes films (Rise in 2011, Dawn in 2014) have been much better than they needed to be. Frankly, it’s a wonder that they were able to be good or successful in a post-Tim Burton’s Apes world. Rupert Wyatt’s first film was a surprisingly smart reboot of the long running franchise, and Matt Reeves took it to new, bombastic heights with the sequel.

Reeves is back for the third film, and this trailer gives us just enough of the plot to get excited. Then again, what more do you really need to know beforehand other than the remaining humans are terribly frightened by the ever growing ape army. Andy Serkis returns to the role of Caesar in the film, and also to the role of “one of the best working actors who deserves more acclaim than he gets” in real life.

The big thing to look at when a sequel is announced is what kind of talent is being added. The only way to get excited about a movie before it comes out is to know that it has talent involved in as many aspects as possible. The key addition to War is in opposition leader, Woody Harrelson. While he has certainly had his hits and misses, the name alone is still enough to raise the stakes. From this trailer, he certainly appears to be giving it his all, and he’s an actor who can make for an intriguing villain. Often the most interesting villains are the ones who believe they’re doing the right thing. Hopefully, the film can elevate that by convincing the audience that he may be right as well.


Only time will tell how things play out for Caesars, his allies, and his enemies. The film comes out the weekend of July 14. What do you think about the trailer? What did you think of the previous films? Are you excited for this upcoming Apes adventure? Let us know down below!


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Jordan (@LeStacheGaming)

From the voice over introduction, we have some of the great actors of our time. Lithgow, Oldman, and Elba, voices retelling the legacy, as another great is added, Harrelson. Your comment about it being the best of 2k17 is unlikely, but it does have the blocks needed to build that house. Humanities house, as we go into the trailer, is in ruin. We are confronted by our last stand, and I for one am excited to be there.